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A blog about achieving peace of mind through digital minimalism. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by countless options and tools. Our goal is to help you focus on what’s really important instead.

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  • minimalist-web-design

    Benefits of Minimalist Web Design

    It’s easy to get caught in things that don’t matter to you or your visitors and customers.

    By creating a great browsing and reading experience, you’re sending a message that you care and that your website and products or services are worthy of people’s attention.

  • Sundial in Sand

    Features vs. Benefits

    You shouldn’t make such a big difference between material and digital goods. In the world of material things, rarely anyone has the time to listen to you talk about specs, technical stuff or anything else your super revolutionary rotor-cutter can do.

  • Simplify Startup Business

    Simplify Your Startup’s Business Model

    If you can simplify your business model you will have: More time to focus on what’s really important An easier time managing your business One of the most common reasons startups struggle is because they focus on the logistics instead of the idea. You should focus on starting, not preparing to start. Put your idea […]

  • branding in business


    Your branding consists of your logo, font and website look & feel. But, these are your colors and brushes, your canvas and artist’s signature. Important as they may seem, none of these make up for the picture your’re about to paint.

  • Omit Needless Everything

    Omit Needless… Everything

    “Omit needless words” – an elementary principle of composition in The Elements of Style is a rule so universal that it pours out of verbal into not only physical but digital space as well.