How to Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly

Making your WordPress SEO friendly means it’s optimized for search engines. But, search engines don’t really care for what you have to say and they certainly can’t purchase anything. All websites should have these goals:

  1. Having targeted audience
  2. Retaining people long enough, so they read what you have to say
  3. Evoking desired reaction in people after they read your content

And here’s why SEO means much more than what the acronym stands for.

SEO for Startup Businesses Using WordPress Platform (Basics)

If WordPress is your startup business platform of choice, it’s probably because WordPress is versatile, free, easy to use, people friendly, offers great flexibility in terms of what you can turn your website into and community around it is just awesome.

But, it’s a different story when it comes to search engine optimization. Let’s see how to start a solid WordPress SEO campaign for your online startup business.

How to Avoid Google Penalties for Your WordPress Website

With the latest algorithm updates (penguin & panda), Google has taken serious steps against spam and toward creating more usable internet. Although WordPress is not among the SEO friendliest platforms right out of the box, it won’t get you anywhere near the red area of being penalized, unless a human factor gets involved.