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Several weeks ago a guy, named David, approached us and told us about a service called wp.io. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that wp.io is all about following WordPress best practices and getting more out of WordPress by doing so.

This is how David, the founder, explains it:

wp.io is a unique network and tool kit for WordPress users and professionals. We crawl, scan and analyse millions of WordPress sites to give you a unique insight into the WordPress ecosystem and access to time-saving tools and information.

I just needed a little time to figure it out, as I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about. So, I signed up for a free plan which gives you:

  • access to wp.io dashboard
  • free scans
  • weekly rescan frequency
  • unlimited number of sites in dashboard

and for those who earn a living of WordPress your free plan also gives you:

  • public profile
  • number of sites in profile
  • listing in directory

There are paid plans, as well, and you can check them out on their pricing page.

One group of people will probably find this service most useful – those who are tired of using bloated, mediocre WordPress products and those who spent much time on customer support because of lousy WordPress implementation.

This is how wp.io sees my personal website. It’s just the first section of the scan, which shows the overall score.

wp.io scan results

wp.io scan results

Each scan section has a nice explanation of its findings and if you’re not satisfied with the results you can search for a WordPress professional right there from your dashboard.

wp.io has 3 distinct functions: WP scanner, theme explorer and directory of WordPress professionals.

WordPress site scanner

This is the main feature of wp.io and anyone can scan their WordPress website and get a free report that includes recommendations for things to check or improve. If you like its functionality, you can sign up for free account. Once you do, you get an access to dashboard where you can add as many websites as you like and track their progress. Each report section covers:

  • version of WordPress and theme being used
  • status of SEO basics
  • selected legal compliance issues
  • results from bench-marking the site against W3C HTML validator
  • Google Page Speed Insights

For regular WordPress users, the site report is a great way to make sure you’ve covered the basics.

WordPress theme explorer

A really nice tool for finding WordPress themes that suit your needs. You can also find examples of real sites running a particular theme. I can really see how this can save me some time finding the right template. You can also sort, filter and explore themes from multiple providers like ThemeForest or Mojo Themes.

wp.io WordPress Theme Explorer

wp.io WordPress Theme Explorer

WordPress directory

No WordPress network would be complete without a directory of WordPress professionals. This is a searchable directory of WordPress professionals. You can find a lot of WordPress developers and designers, projects they were involved with and the wp.io site grade they’ve earned.

wp.io Directory of WordPress Professionals

wp.io Directory of WordPress Professionals


David tells me that the plan behind wp.io is to show how great WordPress is, when done properly and by following best practices. It’s the most popular content management platform today which means there’s a huge amount of different themes and it’s wp.io’s job to identify which theme and what WordPress developer is the one for you.

Take it for a spin. It’s still in beta, but it shows a lot of promise.

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