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5 Most Common WordPress Errors

Common WordPress Errors

In as much as WordPress is a really simple platform that is user-friendly, there are several errors that can put you into panic mode. WordPress errors are not all that common and even in the event that they pop up, they are resolved extremely fast.

This is why WordPress is such a popular content management system. And although there are some errors with this CMS that are more common than others, it is extremely favored by website owners.

This article seeks to explore some of these errors and how you can solve them fast.

First things first

It is prudent to point out that the errors discussed in this article are by no means the only ones. They are simply among the multitudes that can occur. However, they often leave many people worried and can be quite damaging if they are not repaired fast.

The best thing about WordPress errors is that the error you are experiencing on your site is most probably already being worked on by someone else before you even think about where to start.

WordPress has developed a really good system that reports errors as soon as they pop up and makes sure that they are handled in a timely manner. On top of that, there are innumerable tutorials on how to fix popular WordPress errors.

Seek professional help

There are some errors that will only require you to change a setting or two and they will be gone. These should not give you a headache. Nevertheless, there are some others, especially those dealing with the database, which require professional assistance. They can be quite difficult to resolve and sometimes you just do not have the time to do it yourself.

In the case of WordPress database errors, the best thing that you can do is to get a database administrator. A DBA service is a good way to solve the errors. Nowadays, with the advent of remote DBA services it is so much easier to keep track of the database health and to ensure it’s error-free. A good DBA service will get you a stable performance of your databases at all times.

A database administrator should keep track of the content that is coming into the database. Also she/he ensures that there is no unauthorized entry. If there is irrelevant content that should be deleted because it slows down your website, they should do that, too.

In the event that there is a security breach or some kind of error in your database, these professionals are going to make sure that it is fixed in a timely manner.

Let’s have a look at some five of these very common errors.

1. Error establishing a database connection

The best thing about this message is that it is very clear about the problem. The site is not able to connect to the database. There are some errors that come with codes and other complex technical terms. Solving this error can be quite difficult for many beginners.

It occurs when a user has modified or entered their database credentials incorrectly. There are other times that the database server could fail to respond or it is corrupted. A majority of times the error is as a result of entering the wrong database login credentials.

2. Internal server error

This is another very common WordPress error that many users are likely to come across. It happens when there is a failure in the server’s ability to detect a problem in WordPress. Essentially, there is a problem but the server is unable to figure out where it is.

The error message does not give information as to where to look for the error and it can be a task figuring out where the issue is. There are multiple solutions that you can employ to resolve it.

3. Posts returning 404 error

Whenever a user visits a single post on their website, they receive a 404 error – not found page. However, the user is able to browse all the other sections of the site even the admin area with ease. The most common cause of this problem usually is permalink settings that are in WordPress. To fix the problem the user will have to do reconfiguration of the permalink settings. Another alternative is to update the rewrite rules manually.

4. Briefly unavailable or Scheduled Maintenance errors

Sometimes, as a result of interrupted or unfinished WordPress update, one might see this error. WordPress usually puts your site in maintenance mode during the update process. In the event that the update is unfinished or it is interrupted for some reason, WordPress does not pull the site out of maintenance mode.

This error would lock down the entire site and make it unavailable for administrators as well as visitors. In such an occurrence, you can have the issue fixed by WordPress technicians or ask your hosting support to assist you. It will take only a handful of minutes.

5. Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

The main problem here arises due to the fact that there are incorrect values or the home url and site url fields in the WordPress options table. As a result, whenever the user tries to login to the dashboard, they are redirected back to the login page. You need to follow WordPress installation procedures precisely and use FTP to change alter the files you misconfigured during installation process.


There are several really common errors that occur on your WordPress website. Some of them affect the WordPress database while others affect the website in general. Following WordPress codex when it comes to proper installation, maintenance and hardening WordPress is a good start for stable and issue-free online presence.

If you stumble upon errors that are more complex or take a lot of time fixing, a good alternative is hiring people who are certified database administrators.

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