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Free Author Box Plugins for WordPress – Roundup

WordPress Author Bio Profile

Everything in life you come across has its origin. The same goes for online stuff. You want to put a signature on everything you create and if you stumble upon something really interesting you want to see who made it.

WordPress Author Plugins are a good way of stamping a label and giving credit to people who spend time crafting useful and entertaining things. What follows is a roundup of free author bio plugins for your WordPress websites.

1. Fancier Author Box

Fancier Author Box a WordPress plugin developed, because we felt that none of the author bio plugins currently available are good enough for our needs. It will make your every single or multi-author blog recognizable and make you and your contributors easily reachable by the audience. Using Fancier Author Box you’ll also become verified Google Author.

Fancier Author Box, Free Author Bio Plugin for WordPress

The latest posts tab allows you to choose how many recent posts you’d like to show and gives an opportunity for your readers to instantly find more of your content.

The settings page has all that you need to control how and where your author description appears. You can enable it above, below or both on your pages, posts and custom post types. You also have unlimited color option for every author box element, so it blends nicely with your website.

Fancier Author Box Settings Page

We recommend you give it a try and tell us what you think, as we’re constantly trying to improve it for you.

2. Author Box After Posts

Author Box After Posts WordPress Plugin

Name says it all. The plugin adds an author box after your posts.

Plugin box contains author’s avatar, name, post count, site link, personal description and email. Using it is pretty straight-forward. It doesn’t have a separate options page, but it does the job well.

3. WP About Author

WP About Author WordPress Plugin

WP About Author is more customizable plugin than most others.

You have three border styles to match your theme, you can change background color with easy to use color picker, control when to display author bios and display text links or icons of users social media profiles.

WP About Author Settings Page

The plugin expands your profile page by adding popular social media fields so it’s easier for readers to follow you on whichever social network you prefer. Some of these social networks include: Pinterest, Digg, Flickr, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Yelp, Reddit, Delicious… etc.

4. Another Author Box

Another Author Box WP Plugin

A plugin which allows you to add a few social media links such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with icons.

It uses gravatar for author images and uses WordPress profile description.

5. Better Author Bio

Author Box WP Plugin - Better Author Bio

Better Author Bio simply adds an author bio box in every post automatically, but you can choose where you want to show it.

You can add links of your Blog, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles on the bio. This is the only free plugin that let’s you insert it manually with a shortcode.

WordPress author box plugins are a great way of giving credit to yourself or contributors if you’re running either a single or multi-author WordPress blog.

If you’re wondering what kind of author box plugin we use to put signature on our blog posts, it’s the premium version of Fancier Author Box with features like automatically claiming Google authorship, custom social tabs, translation ready and comes in three flavors: widget, shortcode and template tag.

It’s called Fanciest Author Box and it’s available via CodeCanyon.

Dragan Nikolic
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Dragan Nikolic
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36 comments Free Author Box Plugins for WordPress – Roundup

  1. Really useful and wonderful list. Fancier Author Box seems to be interesting, I will try it. Thanks Dragan :)

  2. I dont see where on the settings page to put author description. All I see is how to change the color and to put the box above or below posts.

    1. Shouldn’t there be a box at the bottom of each post where we would enter the info. (In the Fancier version). I’m just confused about how to change info for each guest author. Are you saying that on the profile page we have to change user info there every time?

      1. Each author populates info for his/her profile in Users > Your Profile under Fancier Author Box User Details section.

        This info is then used for generating Fancier Author Box. So, you see, author info has to be inserted only once.

        Does this help?

        1. I installed and all set up but the author bios are not showing up in the fancier author box. All the rest is customized with no trouble. Help!

          1. Hi Gwen,

            The author bio is what each author writes in About Yourself > Biographical Info.

            I understand the confusion, but we did it this way so that the plugin uses as much native WordPress functionality as possible. This way, when you change to a different author bio plugin, your bio is not deleted along with Fancier Author Box.

            Hope this helps.

          2. Dragan.. was not able to reply to your post. I have bio info under there and that’s what is not showing up. I don’t see where else to update the biographical info. AM I totally missing something? I’m under USERS in WordPress settings.

  3. Hey,

    Nice Plugin.

    Would like to buy the premium version, but i need a small info.
    If the post is authored by multiple authors, this plugin supports?


  4. Hi… Great plugin. But can’t get social buttons, position, company, company URL to show, have entered all info. needed, please help. Thanks

  5. Hi there, I installed the Fanciest Author Box paid plugin, all works fine BUT under User Profile there is no USER DETAILS BOX so I cannot fill in the twitter and fb information.
    Is this a bug? I am using WordPress 3.5

  6. This is just what I’m looking for. Very simple. Any plans to add LinkedIn though? I’d really like to see that added.

  7. Hi – Does your plugin support multiple authors across a site? It looks great and so functional… we just have 26 contributors so need an easy way to assign their bio to their posts?? Thanks :)

  8. Hi,

    Sorry, I installed this plugin on my site but it works only for admin account! I tried to update bio in: user>profile but it not work and I can’t see “Facebook”, “twitter” and other social network fields.

    Is it possible the plugin not work with my site style or WordPress version?

    Plz help

    Thank’s a lot

    1. If you’re talking about Fancier Author Box, you can find your social media fields in Users > Your Profile > Fancier Author Box User Details and there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with any WordPress version.

      Every author populates his/her own fields.

      Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more until I see your website live, but i suggest you update your WordPress, all plugins and try again.

  9. I like the idea of using an author box, the only thing is that I up until now I don’t grant anyone permission to post on my blog. I haev someone doing a guest post series, but he provides me with his posts and then I publish them.
    I guess the author boxes only make sense if there are different admins?

  10. Nice work, your plugin is the best and pro. I am using the free version of it. I wander one thing of it – about “co-author plus” plugin. Say in one of post there is two or three author contributed, s there any way to to show this with your plugin.

    Another thing I like to say, Is it possible to add this like – [ By Sirajul (author image), Date, Comment]
    Thanking in Advance

    1. Hi, thanks. Fancier Author Box doesn’t work with Co-Authors Plus, but we’ll see if we can make the two compatible somehow for one of the next plugin updates.

      Regarding the second thing, I’m not sure I understand you.

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