Translating WordPress Themes and Plugins

If providing support for our premium author box plugin has taught me anything, it’s the fact that most WordPress end users are not aware of how easy it is to translate a WordPress theme or plugin. As a developer, I’d happily translate everything I code into every language there is, but Google Translate is not […]

Why a Public WordPress Theme Should Never Do a Plugin’s Work

Before buying a WordPress theme for your next website, you must go through this checklist: Ask yourself: What’s more important, the unique content I plan to create or theme’s look and feel I’ll share with thousands of people? Ask theme author: What happens to my content if I decide to replace this $50 theme with […]

WordPress 3.5 – What’s Great About the Upcoming Release

If you have never taken a deeper look at WordPress project schedules you could be surprised by the fact that as soon as one major version is officially released, WordPress development team shifts its focus to next one – WordPress 3.5. A look back shows that major WordPress versions are being released roughly every six months; […]