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Holiday Tips For Your eCommerce Stores You Shouldn’t Miss

Holiday Season Ecommerce Tips

A holiday season is a golden chance for any business, especially for eCommerce to boost its sales and attract more loyal customers. I believe you all have experienced many intensive holiday sales year round from Black Friday to Thanksgiving to Christmas and so on. Are your websites totally ready for the holiday rush?

I can properly imagine how these holidays can drive you crazy with a snow-storm of customer orders, while trying to boost your sales strategy as well as keeping your site running safe and sound with so much extra traffic. Thus, I came up with this post to provide you with useful tips and WooCommerce plugin recommendations to take advantage of every holiday season in the year.

1.Deck your stores with tons of joy

I have no doubt that this can be the most exciting part we all love to do when holidays are getting near. Have your online stores well decorated with a stunning holiday theme design. For example, you can change the main theme’s colors and typography to match a holiday theme, like green and red which are Christmas colors, while black can remind us of Black Friday.

Besides, you can consider using themes with a predesigned layout for holiday styles. For this option, I highly recommend the beautifully crafted eMax theme from WooRockets. eMax is a beautiful WooCommerce theme for your store featuring a seasonal theme style that can support your website’s holiday makeover effortlessly.

In addition to changing website themes to one related to a holiday, I believe that some tips below will be very helpful for you to take a good care of your eCommerce stores on those busy days:

  • Set up interesting effects and eye-catching banners in prime position to catch visitors’ attention.
  • Use countdown WooCommerce plugins to countdown to the official sales date, such as: “Big Sale is Coming in…” on the home page or landing page. This can make customers feel much more eager to join in your big sales.
  • Enhance your site with featured product categories or a showcase of best-selling products to add some holiday atmosphere. I suggest the Best Selling products plugin which is a quick, easy way to add best-selling products by category on the front page.
  • Do not forget to set holiday Call to action (CTA) buttons matching with your theme and typography. The best is a design that goes well with one focused CTA. For example, you can add a “Buy now” button in holiday products page or a “Tell me more” button about special offers.
  • Remove the holiday design theme from your site when the party is over. Set a deadline date on your website to take the decorations down automatically in case you forget.

2. Mobile optimization is a-must

According to IBM measurements over the last 7 years, 2014 Thanksgiving was the first time mobile devices have surpassed PCs in generating cyber-sales. Since smartphones and tablets have become part of our daily lives, mobile shopping is gradually prevailing. This also means that many customers will leave un-mobile-friendly websites, and not just in holiday seasons. Thus, it’s high time for WooCommerce webmasters to learn how to adapt to this emerging customer shopping habit.

Build the most functional and mobile-friendly version to support customers using iOS as well as Android. Even if you’re new in town, I believe you will know that most of your customers are using these 2 popular mobile device platforms.

Make sure you dress up your mobile shopping store for the holidays and be ready to serve your customers well for the best holiday purchase experience.

3. WooCommerce plugins support striking holiday promotion campaign

Holiday seasons mean gifts are on the way. This is a great opportunity to offer your customers some of the best deals they are always searching for. A good promotion campaign can help a lot in increasing your website conversions.

To accomplish this, coupons are a great way to deliver discounts and rewards to your customers. Additionally, do not forget to enable related products, up-sells and cross-sells in your eCommerce website. To be more specific, if your client is searching for a Christmas tree on your site, take this chance to present some related items they might interested in such as decorating lights, fake snows, or even Santa Claus customs.

Besides this, customize your email and newsletters plugins to support your holiday email marketing to remind your customers of your website with featured products as well as your special offers and one-off services provided in your holiday sale.

This will make customer purchases become so easy and convenient as well as encouraging them to shop for more than one product.

4. Optimize SEO for your website on holiday

SEO during holidays is not so different from your routine SEO. One significant point you need to remember is having SEO plan well prepared before the season takes off because you have to invest a proper period of time in every SEO strategy. These are some SEO-must tips I have picked from normal SEO strategies that you should pay attention to more for holiday preparation.

  • Submit sitemap with new products and categories for search engine easy index.
  • Come up with good holiday-related keywords which will be searched for most by your users to earn higher priority from Google.
  • Adjust title tags, meta tags and meta description on categories and featured products with holiday-related keywords, as well as snippets shown below your website URL.
  • Create engaging copy and homepage headlines containing those selected keywords.

5. Enhance your website holiday speed performance

Millions of people will shop in your online store during the holidays. Ensuring your online store’s speed performance is one thing you have to deal with before the battle begins. A fast-loading page is also good for SEO too. There are some typical tips you need to take a closer look at to speed up your site as well as maintain your customer experience while purchasing from your website:

  • Choose a trusted hosting provider from the beginning or choose a quality shared hosting.
  • Install a CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you haven’t used a CDN yet, it’s time to set it up for a quicker delivery of heavy product images and CSS sheets to your customers.
  • Automatically optimize your product images to load quickly. The free plugin WPSmushit will help you to reduce image size automatically while you upload them to your website.

6. Additional tips to support holiday online shopping

Last but not least, to complete your dream holiday sales, every detail should be examined. Small bricks can build a huge castle.

  • Test your product search page. Make sure it is user-friendly, and consider adding recommendations such as “You are also searching for…” to save your users’ time and more importantly help them make up their minds when buying your products.
  • Set social media add-ons to make people talk about you and your products. Sharing can bring you surprising sales and traffic these days.
  • Add “Coming soon” pages for your holiday products which are not yet ready to sell and set up sign in/register plugins to notify users when products are available.
  • Deactivate the “out of stock” button. You will waste the traffic that comes to your website and lose customers when they see these disappointed words. Maybe you can try a Coming soon plugin to display a massage of “coming soon” products to your customers.

Holiday seasons are always the biggest time of the year for every eCommerce website. Maximum profit and customer satisfaction for the minimum budget are your golden goals in those precious occasions. I hope these useful technical tips can support your marketing campaigns on your websites and make your customers’ holiday shopping more enjoyable as well.

Please feel free to share your holiday sales experience with me. I am so excited to know what effective tips and tricks you applied to your own website.

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