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WordPress Magic: Tapping the Unlimited Potential

WordPress Magic

WordPress is not your common blogging site. It offers more than just blogging; it gives you a versatile publishing platform and an open source Content Management Systems (CMS) that enables you to build dynamic websites.

WordPress has a variety of templates. The templates are designed to suit your needs. You might want a conservative outlook of your website; you will find it among the myriad of WordPress repositories. If you opt for a livelier website, WordPress will give you the solution.

Some of these templates are free of charge while others are paid solutions. The free ones are good for you if you want to go light and without much features. The commercial ones are better in terms of looks, bells and whistles. They give more opportunity to customize the website according to your desire. Sometimes you’ll need tutorials on how to configure them.

WordPress allows you to manage your content with ease. It actually uses the system of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), which is basically like Microsoft Word. Plugins can prove handy in expanding the functionality of WordPress. With a suitable plugin, your WordPress site can easily turn into a radio, news, photography or video content management systems in a simple way. It is like installing an app. You might want this if you have varied content for your audience.

WordPress offers you the following benefits when you use it for your company’s or personal website:


WordPress is very easy to use. The interface is user friendly. Uploading an image, a blog post or any other content is simple and fast. This saves you a lot of time while formatting or performing other modifications.

Your website can be managed from any device

You can log into your site from anywhere. Perhaps you have some content you want to upload quickly; you can do so from your phone in a traffic jam. Is this not convenient?

You don’t need a web designer

You can manage your site on your own. If your company is having some financial constraints, then you can save the cost of hiring a web designer by adopting a WordPress CMS and its vast theme repository.

Mobile Readiness

With WordPress, you will not have to modify your website to suit mobile users. Most of the free and premium WordPress themes are optimized for majority of screen sizes.

Improved security

While plugins can be a route used by hackers to get into your system, in WordPress, there are many plugins that can improve security, such as Wordfence. Most of the plugins found in the official repository are very safe. Safety is one of those things you don’t want to give to chance, so consider using WordPress.

It gives users an opportunity to communicate with you

Through comment system WordPress provides, you are able to communicate with your audience. You can use this as an opportunity to get feedback on your work or your products. This way, your users feel part of the whole process you are doing. You can also use it as an avenue to seek what they want.

It also gives you an opportunity to know what your readers want

If you have been posting stuff and people don’t comment or you get a few comments, one time you will post and get say 15 comments. This instantly tells you what people like and helps you modify your products or content to maximize the effect.

WordPress is cost effective

Web development was very costly in the recent past. WordPress has given an opportunity to own a website with the least possible cost. Some packages come for free, which is something you might want to consider if you are running low on finances.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a very exciting venture with WordPress and a necessary one if you’re looking for conversions. WordPress comes with features that make it simple for search engines to gather the necessary information through the various categories and topics you use.

You can use .htaccess to harden WordPress security of increase speed. This ensures your site is secure and accessible. Third party plugins can also be used to increase search engine optimization, such as Yoast SEO.

To ensure that your site is search engine optimized, use search engine optimized themes. Some themes use a lot of code to create design layout and design. This gives less content for search engines. You might end up having a good design layout, beautiful pictures and quality content, but poor search results. Too bad, right? Inform yourself on the quality and the use of WordPress best practices before you buy a theme you like.

After that follow our guide on how to optimize WordPress for SEO and make sure you produce quality content at least once a week. It enables you to market in a cost effective way. It also increases the authority of your website. Users will trust you more if your website is found in the first page of Google or other search engine result pages.

To sum it all, WordPress gives you a great opportunity to develop great websites. It also comes with good array of search engine optimization tools. If you tap on these opportunities, you will find that WordPress nicely complements your creativity.

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