Technical SEO Project for Ecommerce (34% Increase in Conversions) —

Exxab, ThematoSoup Client Tchnical Seo Project

Technical SEO is the most important part of any website. It’s the foundation to your online presence and literally makes and, if not taken care of, breaks your website.


Upon fixing the errors outlined in the audit the website started to gain organic traffic with intermittent fluctuations due to Google algorithm changes.

Exxab Google Search Console Performance Overview Google Search Console performance overview.
  • 2x speed
  • 34% increase in conversions
  • 150% increase in targeted traffic

Issue is one of the largest eCommerce shops in the UAE that had problems with low visibility and spikes in traffic that the server couldn’t handle for some reason.

The slow loading of the website offered poor user experience and low conversion rates. Duplicate content was all over the website and keyword cannibalization was a huge issue.


A website audit is the first thing to diagnose and evaluate a website.ThematoSoup conducted a manual, comprehensive (40+ page) audit with the focus on technical SEO and just a few basic onsite and offsite fixes.

Exxab Technical SEO Audit by ThematoSoup technical SEO audit (excerpt).

We discovered a lot of technical SEO issues such as very limited crawl budget, errors in robots.txt, low dwell-time, improperly configured Google Search Console and massive amounts of duplicate content due to the platform misconfigurations, etc.

Here’s the list of the fixed issues:

Technical SEO

  • Hreflang implementation
  • Hiding server signature
  • Performance & code improvements
  • Permalink structure fixes
  • IA fixes
  • Link (PageRank) sculpting
  • Sitemap fixes
  • Robots.txt fixes
  • implementation

Onsite SEO

  • Titles (improvements)
  • Meta descriptions (improvements)
  • Header tags (improvements)
  • Alt tags (implementation)


  • Text-to-code ratio
  • Duplicate content

Offsite SEO

  • Cleaning up the link profile