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Best Webinar Platforms to Teach and Sell in 2022

best webinar platforms

As the popularity of online events has gone through the roof in 2021, more and more businesses are turning to webinars to promote their products or services every day. Webinars make reaching your audience convenient, and keeping them engaged and interested becomes almost effortless. For these reasons, many entrepreneurs, marketing experts, teachers, and coaches today organize presentations, workshops, and classes online.

So, if you are thinking about starting an online event, first, you have to pick the best platform for your needs. We have prepared a detailed review of the best webinar software and some basic information and guidelines to help you choose the right one.


Top 10 possible uses for webinars

Why should you host a webinar, and is that the right choice for your business? The last two years have shown us that webinars can be beneficial to companies across all industries. What is more, a growing number of marketing experts single out online events as their most efficient go-to choice for their marketing strategies.

And not only this! Many teachers, educators, and lecturers choose to provide valuable experiences to their audience with online workshops, live classes, and virtual training sessions.

? Here are some of the most common uses for webinars:

  1. Pitching high-ticket products or services
  2. B2B sales & SaaS marketing
  3. Acquiring leads
  4. Lead nurturing
  5. Online lectures and classes of all kinds
  6. Employee onboarding and training
  7. Virtual summits
  8. Remote team meetings
  9. Online workouts
  10. Brand promotion

What are the benefits of webinars?

What makes webinars popular is the fact that they are easy to make, as well as very easy to attend and host. They are excellent, inexpensive tools for promotion, education, or even sales.

  • Convenient to attend – host or join an event wherever you are
  • Immersive & interactive online experiences with polls, live discussions, and Q&As
  • Pre-recorded & evergreen webinars are a perfect way to have a passive income
  • Cost-effective events – no booking venues, nor traveling to event sites

Inevitable drawbacks of virtual events are technical issues. Also, online interaction cannot be on a par with genuine human communication. Luckily, we can conquer these obstacles by selecting the perfect webinar software.

What to look for in a webinar platform?

Once you know your goals and objectives, you can start thinking about the right webinar platform. The selection of available programs is outstanding, and you are bound to find the one with all the features you need right within your budget.

When deciding on a webinar software, you should consider:

  • How many people do you expect to attend the webinar?

Some platforms offer free access for up to 10-15 attendees. If you plan a wider audience, you will most probably have to get the paid plan.

  •  Set your budget and think about how much you are ready to pay.
  •  Will your attendees be able/be willing to download and install additional software?
  • What’s your webinar’s purpose? Advertising, collecting emails for marketing?

You should find the platform that offers editing email lists, or other useful automated features.

  • Do you need detailed insights and analytics tools?

More often than not, you’ll need data analytics & stats to understand your audience. Use these insights to improve your next event and increase attendance.

  • What kind of webinar do you plan to host?

There are live video streams, pre-recorded videos, summits with multiple rooms, etc.

  • Would you like to customize the registration page and the webinar landing page?

Find the platform that offers A/B testing of registration pages to optimize the conversion and increase the attendance of your events.

  • Is there customer support available?
  • Can people access the event on mobile phones? What type of browsers are supported?

Think about the content you are presenting. Can your presentation be followed on mobile devices? If you want to make your webinar accessible for mobile phones, you should find a platform that has this option well-optimized.

Hopefully, the following detailed list of pros and cons for the most popular webinar platforms to teach and sell in 2021 will answer your questions and help you choose the best one.

The best webinar platforms in 2021

  1. Zoom
  2. WebinarJam
  3. Webex
  4. Livestorm
  5. EverWebinar
  6. Demio 
  7. Zoho Meeting
  8. Google Hangouts
  9. GetResponse
  10. GoToWebinar
  11. Livestream
  12. On24
  13. ClickMeeting
  14. EasyWebinar
  15. BlueJeans
  16. DaCast
  17. Twitch
  18. Intermedia AnyMeeting
  19. BigMarker
  20. MyOwnConference
  21. WebinarNinja
  22. Adobe Connect
  23. LiveWebinar 


You have probably heard about this one, as Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software today. This platform has gained popularity rapidly since the global pandemic.

Free Zoom plan features include high-quality audio and video, screen sharing, conferences are accessible via mobile phones, the video can be recorded and downloaded, and it also has polls, chats, and Q&As.

⭐ What we like

  • Scheduling events & sending emails is easy with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar integrations
  • Webinars can be monetized with PayPal integration
  • Plenty of event customization features, handy Q&A, great whiteboard tool
  • Almost all browsers and devices are supported
  • Detailed reports and event recordings
  • Free desktop and mobile app download

❌ What we dislike

  • Downloading an additional application might lower the attendance rate for your webinar
  • A large number of paid features makes Zoom too expensive for some budgets
  • You cannot customize your landing page
  • Automated webinars are not supported

? Pricing ?

They offer four basic plans, and plenty of add-ons at an additional cost.

FREE Basic plan

Great for personal meetings

Free sign up
Up to 100 participants
40-minute long group minutes
Unlimited one-to-one meetings
Private and group chats


PRO Plan
Intended for small teams
Price: $14.99 /month/license
Up to 1000 participants with Large Meetings add-on
Group meetings (30 hours max)
Social media streaming
1GB cloud video recording

Business Plan
For small businesses
Price: $19.99 /month/license
Up to 300 participants
Video transcripts
Custom domains
Brand customization

(unknown monthly rate)
Up to 500 participants and unlimited cloud storage

Zoom is usually not recommended for marketing purposes, but it can be used for short webinars, short meetings, and teaching. It’s also great for small businesses and enterprises, but individuals as well.


Another well-known webinar platform is WebinarJam, one of the leaders in the business. Being entirely cloud-based makes it very accessible and easy to use for both the participants and the hosts.

What makes it widely used are options like polls, live chats, smart call-to-action popups, and an insightful analytics dashboard. Plus, it allows you to create custom landing pages and A/B tests to measure engagement.

⭐ What we like

  • CTA popups useful for sales and marketing
  • Webinars recorded automatically
  • Email and text reminders and follow-ups
  • Reliable HD video
  • Wide array of browsers/devices supported
  • Other web app integrations with Zapier for automation
  • Email personalization
  • Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook
  • Attendees can take over the stage – great for an interactive discussion
  • Secured content with password-protected rooms and paid webinars


❌ What we dislike

  • Offered only for annual pricing plans
  • No option for automated webinars
  • Some users report video/audio delay

WebinarJam is a favorite among marketing experts for its remarkable features. For instance, it has a Replica Replay feature, which plays the recorded webinar and imitates everything that’s happened during the live event.

? Pricing ?

Basic Plan
Price: $499/yr
500 Attendees
2 hosts, unlimited webinars, 2 hours max duration

Professional Plan
Price: $699/yr
2000 Attendees
4 hosts, unlimited webinars, 3 hours max duration
Always-On live room (a branded room with a unique link that doesn’t change)

Enterprise Plan
Price: $999/yr
5000 Attendees
6 hosts, unlimited webinars, 4 hours max duration
Panic Button (support for immediately resolving any possible technical difficulties)
Control Panel (event moderation from your staff)


This product by Cisco is best for online meetings and team collaboration. Along with team meetings and conference calls, this platform can also be used for teaching and remote learning. It includes live chat, polls, Q&As, on-brand invitations, and webinar recordings.

Webex center their service on quality video streaming, team meetings, calling, and messaging for team collaboration. Their offer also includes video transcripts and translations, but it definitely is not the best option for marketing webinars.

⭐ What we like

  • Perfect for team collaboration
  • Webinars streaming in HD for 3000 attendees
  • Webinar recording
  • Conference calls with s large number of participants 
  • High-quality video streaming
  • Translation option

❌ What we dislike

  • Excellent for team meetings, not as good for marketing webinars
  • There aren’t many customizable features
  • Not made for scaling your webinars

? Pricing ?

Free plan

Free sign-up
Meetings with 100 people
Screen sharing and HD video
Personal rooms

Paid plans.
Starting price is $15 a month, and it goes up.
Paid features are:
Up to 200 meeting attendees
Recording videos
Calling other Webex users / cloud-based phone number

Various extensions


Livestorm has been providing solutions for browser-based events since 2016. It’s a good fit for companies creating employee onboarding videos and pre-recorded training sessions. Live chats, Q&A during events, on-demand webinars, and screen sharing are just a part of this platform’s appeal.

You can host private & paid webinars for up to 1000 viewers, and the recording is automatically shared with attendees. This makes Livestorm webinar software a good choice if you need a high level of automation for your events.

⭐ What we like

  • Auto-generated registration pages and automatic email reminders to attendees
  • Multiple hosts
  • Useful for product demos
  • Useful dashboard with insights on registrations and visits
  • Polling & Q&A live
  • Customized on-brand webinars
  • Integrations with marketing tools like HubSpot
  • Q&A has upvoting & answer timestamps
  • Conversion analytics & attendance tracking
  • Segmentation options on follow-up emails

❌ What we dislike

  • Video quality depends on the quality of internet connection
  • Automated webinars do not include polls and offers
  • One-time popups can’t be reopened
  • No upload option for slides

? Pricing ?

Free Plan
All features included for unlimited events with unlimited moderators
Instant meetings with up to 4 people
Up to 20 minutes per event
Up to 10 registrants per event
10 live attendees limit add-ons

Premium Plan
+ Instant meetings with up to 12 people
+ Up to 4 hours per event
+ Unlimited event registrants
+ up to 1000 live attendees limit add-ons for an additional cost
* the price varies for multiple hosts

All paid plans include premium customer support, GDPR compliance, access to extensive resources.


You remember that WebinarJam lacks the option for automated webinars? Well, the company that owns WebinarJam created another platform known as EverWebinar. EverWebinar is perfect for automated webinars and one of the most favorite tools of experienced marketing experts.

This webinar software allows you to create pre-recorded webinars that provide an outstanding experience for the attendees who’ll get the impression the event is going live.

⭐ What we like

  • Seamless user experience without the hassle of plugins or software downloads
  • Hybrid events (pre-recorded webinars + live chat)
  • Simulated chat for creating a sense of a live event
  • Landing page split testing to maximize conversion
  • Scheduling email reminders and follow-ups for better engagement
  • Incredible insights & stats on conversion and CTR to boost your strategy
  • Simulated dynamic attendance with fake attendees joining in and leaving the event
  • A large selection of landing page templates
  • Great knowledge base to help you up your evergreen webinar game

❌ What we dislike

  • EverWebinar is not the best solution for live events
  • Questions on the registration page cannot be customized

? Pricing ?

You can get all EverWebinar features for $99/mo, $42/mo, or $34/mo. The price depends whether you’ll subscribe for one month, one year, or two years respectively. 

Take the advice of so many satisfied users – create evergreen webinars with EverWebinar and make money even while you’re sleeping!


Demio is a state-of-the-art webinar platform created in 2014 with a modern and intuitive interface which makes it a frequent choice of many people.

Advertised as a “hassle-free” option for marketers, it answers the demand for easy-to-use software with tons of integrations and automation. Demio is typically a go-to tool for startups and tech-savvy coaches for online sessions.

⭐ What we like

  • You can make both automated and live webinars
  • Stay on-brand with different customizations
  • Automated email reminders
  • Webinar recording
  • Simple to use, sleek UI

❌ What we dislike

  • Automated webinars only available within the more expensive plan
  • You can’t get data on conversion
  • 50 participants for live events limit
  • Registration page cannot be entirely customized
  • No interaction for replayed webinars

? Pricing ?

Starter Plan
Price $34/mo
50 attendees, one host
3-hour duration limit
Live events & event series

Growth Plan
Price: $69/mo (per host)
150 attendees (up to 1000, but the price increases)
Up to 5 hosts
5-hour duration limit
Branding options
Automated webinars

Premium Plan
Price available at inquiry
500 or 1,000 Attendee Room
Unlimited hosts
3-hour duration limit
Priority Support
Premium integrations
+ more

Starter plan is more than enough for smbs and starting entrepreneurs. Larger companies might require more expensive options if they plan on hosting webinars with a larger number of attendees.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting platform and webinar solution that makes remote work better. It has basic video and audio conferencing features, but your web meetings can be moderated and locked (secured), which makes this software ideal for remote team collaboration and meetings with clients.

This platform is a good option for businesses and companies of all sizes.

⭐ What we like

  • Screen sharing option
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Download recorded webinars in mp4 and use offline
  • Interactive tools – polls, Q&A
  • Raise Hand feature is great for including the audience in the meeting
  • Making attendees the presenters
  • iOS and Android apps for meetings on-the-go
  • Download reports and data

❌ What we dislike

  • Scarcity of marketing tools – not intended for selling products or services
  • Very basic audience engagement features
  • Only 1000 limit of webinar participants
  • No pre-recorded videos upload option, which could be good for team trainings

? Pricing 

For only 3€ a month you can schedule a meeting with 10 participants. Pay 6€ for 25 participants, 9€ for 50 attendees, or 12€ for up to 100 people joining in on the meeting.

Host webinars for 19€ and 25 attendees, or pay up to 200€ for a maximum of 1000.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the standard, available at no cost, platform for online communication. It offers simple chat and video meeting features. You can host small-sized webinars that will be recorded automatically. You can also host live webinars streamed on YouTube.

Google Hangouts is moving to Google Chat in the upcoming period.

⭐ What we like

  • Broadcasting the webinar on YouTube
  • Share presentations
  • Webinar recording easy to share
  • Easy to invite to the event
  • Browser-based


❌ What we dislike

  • Attendees are required to have a Google account to take an active part in the webinar
  • The videos cannot be monetized
  • No private video streaming rooms

? Pricing ?

Everything is free.

Google Chat – announced features

  • Scheduled conversations and video calls
  • Edit group chats (rooms), task assigning, and sharing files
  • Face-to-face communication with video calls to stay connected with your team 

We’re already used to Google+ occasionally making adjustments to their products, so this does not come as a surprise. What’s now left to do is wait and see if Google Chat becomes a step up from Google Hangouts.


GetResponse is an all-in-one place for marketing managers and entrepreneurs, as well as companies and digital marketers. They offer solutions for generating leads, selling knowledge, boosting sales, or remote work.

At theirs, you will find live chat, webinars, landing pages, forms, email marketing options, marketing automation, and even a website builder.

⭐ What we like

  • All paid plans include a free trial period
  • Good for collecting new emails
  • Share events over social media ​
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Automatic thank-you messages to the registrants.
  • A/B testing

❌ What we dislike

  • Plan pricing based on the email contacts list size
  • Limited features with free trials
  • Too many options and not the best choice if you just want to host a webinar

? Pricing ?

They offer 4 different plans: Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max. The price of every plan differs depending on your payment preferences – monthly, yearly, or every two years. Another plan price factor is the email list size.

Basic Plan
Good to send emails and build an engaged contacts list.
€9.10/mo –  €280/mo
Email marketing, website builder
Unlimited landing pages & lead funnels
1 sales funnel
Facebook & Google Ads

Plus Plan
If you want to generate leads and sell products.
Price: €31.50/mo – €311.50/mo
+ marketing automation
Contacts scoring & tagging
5 sales funnels
Work together
Webinar funnels

Professional Plan
Offers more automation
Price: €62.30/mo – €360.50/mo
+ Unlimited marketing automation, webinar funnels
+ On-demand webinars

An advanced, personalized platform with custom pricing
Transactional emails (paid add-on)
Dedicated support
Multiple accounts and users (10 included, up to 500)
Account migration support
Team and role management 
Single sign-on (SSO)
Webinars (500 attendees included, up to 1000)
Assisted IP warmup (for qualifying accounts)

If you’re thinking about scaling your marketing campaigns, GetResponse is a good option with high-impact newsletters and comprehensive features that extend beyond webinars.


The company behind GoToWebinar is a well-known veteran in the business. Along with GoToWebinar, the virtual events platform, they offer other solutions such as GoToTraining – an online training software, GoToMeeting – a video conferencing platform, and everything else to make remote work more efficient.

With 2.8M webinars hosted every year with this platform, it seems that they are still the go-to choice for many companies.

⭐ What we like

  • Webinar attendance, interest, and participation monitoring
  • Custom registration pages with insights
  • Automated email templates (invites, confirmations, reminders)
  • Branded webinar materials
  • Many integrations (Aweber, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, etc.)
  • Create all kinds of webinars – a single webinar, recurring webinars, on-demand webinars

❌ What we dislike

  • Limited interactive tools (polls, handouts, Q&A)
  • Expensive if you’re on a tight budget
  • Not a fitting solution for smaller companies or individuals


? Price ?

Starter Plan is available for $89.00 a month, per host.
Hosting webinars for up to 100 participants.

Pro Plan per host costs $199.00.
500 participants

Plus Plan is $429.00 per host
Up to 1000 participants.

This webinar platform is not the most modern one, but the quality they offer is undeniable. What is more, they are willing to stay in the loop, which is proved by the new features they’ve been introducing. For instance, you can charge webinar attendance, create custom URLs, host interactive on-demand webinars or pre-recorded sessions, and more.


Livestream video streaming platform is recommended for those who already have an established connection with their community and target audience. 

They offer solutions for fitness studios, houses of worship, and offices for connecting with employees, customers, followers, and subscribers. They understand how reaching your online audience today works.

This is a good webinar software for creating engaging, on-brand virtual events with good video streaming quality and staying connected.

⭐ What we like

  • A steady video quality regardless of the number of attendees
  • Automatically recorded and stored webinars
  • Terabytes of cloud storage
  • Large and active community makes growing your webinars easy
  • Live streaming across the most popular social media platforms
  • Digital tickets for webinar monetization

❌ What we dislike

  • Q&A moderation available only at the Enterprise level
  • Might be pricey for some users
  • Paid plans are not flexible

? Pricing ?

Premium membership is available for $75 per month, and it’s billed annually.

Enterprise and OTT plan pricing upon request.

The features like an active community, unlimited storage, and digital tickets make this the perfect webinar software for educational purposes and all kinds of live events. So, if you have a course to teach, if you want to stay in touch with your church community, or stream your online workout class, Livestream should be your choice.


On24 is a professional platform for creating digital experiences used by large companies and industry leaders. Creating, scaling, and personalizing webinars and virtual events is made easy. Along with live webinars, this platform is great for multimedia content experiences and large conferences.

The majority of user reviews for On24 are favorable. Some of the drawbacks on this platform include the pricing, lack of features, connection and webcast issues, support sometimes is not up to date, etc

⭐ What we like

  • On-screen CTAs
  • User-friendly and easy to understand
  • Entirely web-based
  • Detailed and powerful analytics

❌ What we dislike

  • Setting up the event can be tricky
  • Not the best customer support
  • Costly platform
  • In some plans, attendees can only communicate via chat, polls, and Q&A, which diminishes the interactive element as well as the engagement

? Pricing ?

The price of the product is not available on their website. However, some reviewers report that the rate depends on the product features and add-ons chosen.


This webinar software is ideal for large companies and ideal for conferences and bigger live events.


ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar software platform for online meetings, video conferencing, and live events. What sets them apart from other platforms is an outright focus on teaching with Edu mode, online classes, and courses.

This full-featured platform stands out with affordable paid plans which makes it ideal for smaller and medium businesses. It was created in 2011 by GetResponse but grew to a separate company in 2016. Bringing students, customers, and team members together gets easy with a user-friendly platform such as this one.

⭐ What we like

  • Flexible pricing and 20% for annual plans
  • Unlimited number of webinars and online meetings available with all plans
  • Breakout rooms (separate rooms for one event)
  • Parallel events – organize multiple webinars at the same time
  • Scalable webinars for large audiences (huge online events like summits)
  • Google Analytics, Google Tags Manager, & Facebook Pixel integrations
  • Clear pricing table
  • Waiting room with agenda

❌ What we dislike

  • Only one host always, 4 presenters only with Enterprise plans
  • Limited number of cameras in meetings (25) and webinars (8)

? Pricing ?

30 days free trial period

Live plan starting price of $25

Relative small recording and file storage


EasyWebinar is a platform for live and automated webinars. It supports effective integrations such as Stripe or ConvertKit, and you can launch your live event in a matter of minutes.

This webinar software is a great solution for increasing sales and building relationships with your customers. If you are not a digital marketer, but rather a teacher and you have courses, training, and coaching sessions to offer, this tool can help you build powerful webinars.

BlueJeans live events focus on engaging the audience and including them in the event, which proves to be an exceptional approach for nurturing relationships with your viewers. One-way webcasts are excellent for holding lectures, teaching classes, and online workouts that are easy to secure and monetize with virtual tickets and integrations with TicketSocket.

⭐ What we like

  • Multiple presenters, live chat
  • On-the-go live events with mobile app
  • A variety of integrations loved by many digital marketers
  • Live and automated webinar features

❌ What we dislike

  • Apart from the Basic plan, the price becomes steep very quickly.

? Pricing ?

3 months free with annual plan offer

Standard ($59 /mo)
100 attendees
Unlimited automated webinars
Unlimited live attendees with YouTube integration
How-to course
Instant onboarding call
Chat support

Pro ($90 /mo)
500 attendees
Custom registration forms
EasyCast for streaming on Facebook and YouTube Live

Enterprise ($349 /mo)
2000 attendees
Hubspot and Pardot integration
Full course with webinar expert knowledge

Concierge – dedicated account rep


BlueJeans by Verizon encompasses several offers for making the digital workplace better. We will focus on the BlueJeans Events option created for live interactive webinars, virtual town halls, and online events for large audiences.

This platform for virtual events is great for meetings with your team and including everyone, it’s excellent for marketing webinars and webcasts, online learning (educasts), etc. 

⭐ What we like

  • Up to 50000 attendees for live events worldwide
  • Up to 150 on-camera speakers
  • Facebook Live streaming
  • With audio and video quality second to none
  • Pre-upload content to share during the event
  • Virtual waiting rooms for attendees / Backstage rooms for presenters
  • Marketo and Splash integration for nurturing leads before and after the webinar
  • Marketing integrations to automate invites and get RSVP insights
  • Roles – moderators, presenters, attendees
  • Entirely online, no additional app downloads
  • Rich moderator controls
  • Dolby Voice for crystal-clear audio

❌ What we dislike

  • Too costly for smaller-scale webinars
  • BlueJeans Events lack some features which are offered in other BlueJeans solutions like breakout sessions in BlueJeans Virtual Meetings

? Pricing ?

BlueJeans video webinars and events

$99 /mo for 100 attendees, $379 /mo for 200, and $599 /mo for 500.


DaCast is a professional streaming platform that helps you broadcast, host, and monetize your events. They’ve been around for 10+ and gained the trust of more than 10 + 15,000 clients. Businesses and organizations from all industries use this online video platform, but mainly those in sports, enterprise, media & entertainment, religion, and nonprofits.

DaCast is usually recommended for sports events and virtual classrooms. If you want to broadcast an online game to your fans, you can have real-time coverage of the match via DaCast.

⭐ What we like

  • Embed live video anywhere with HTML5 video player
  • Paying system – pay per event, or subscribe
  • Monetize with secure, integrated paywall to charge viewers 
  • Unlimited viewers

❌ What we dislike

  • Streaming latency
  • Video quality (extra bandwidth charged additionally)
  • If the bandwidth amount is exceeded, you are charged or the streaming finishes

? Pricing ?


$39 / month for live streaming and video hosting (1.2 TB per year & 50 GB storage)

$63 / month for occasional events (6 TB upfront), real-time analytics, paywall

$188 / month for businesses (24TB per year, 1TB storage), phone support, advanced library management, unlimited channels

+ a custom plan for a custom price


One of the most popular live-streaming platforms for both casual and hardcore gamers is definitely Twitch. The enormous community of millions of people simply loves this leading platform for streamers who want to broadcast their video game sessions and engage with like-minded humans

Voted best video marketing & advertising platform in 2019, Twitch is the ultimate tool rich in influencers and highly engaged audiences. These Twitch stats will wow you if your target audience is gen z:

  • an average audience of 15 million DAUs
  • 70% increase in consumed content in 2020

On the other hand, if you’d like to join the 2.2 million Twitch creators who broadcast there monthly, here’s what you should know:

⭐ What we like

  • Stream free with OBS
  • Follow Twitch Creator Camp instructions to get started and build a community
  • You stream/broadcast gameplay or activity by screen sharing while fans/subscribers watch & listen to you live in the corner of the video
  • You can receive sales commissions or sell products by offering links for product purchases during your streaming sessions
  • Web-based, but also has iOS & Android apps
  • Highly-engaged community


❌ What we dislike

  • There’s a free version, but you have to pay to remove ads and access more features like social or storage
  • Predominantly for gamers and the gaming industry, but the emerging topics include music, talk shows, sports, travel, or food
  • It takes time to build a community around you and build your brand, you have to offer quality content

? Pricing ?

Making a Twitch account is free. You can contribute and chat on most streams, follow creators, or stream yourself.

There are three tiers for subscriptions $4.99,  $9.99, $24.99. The subscription removes ads, allows branded chat color options and custom emoticons, plus other perks.

Intermedia AnyMeeting

Intermedia AnyMeeting is a serious and reliable provider of video conferencing and webinar solutions. You can organize virtual events with up to 12 presenters and 1000 attendees with HD video. You also get built-in reports to help you understand your audience and make better webinars in the future.

What makes this platform particularly handy is the dial-in functionality enabled by conference call numbers and PIN codes. This makes it easy for participants to join the webinar.

⭐ What we like

  • Screen sharing and slides sharing
  • Cloud recording of the online event
  • Upload email list for automated invitations and reminders
  • Waiting rooms (attendees join the webinar and are redirected here, they all join together when you click GO ON AIR button)
  • Brand logo and backgrounds on video
  • Green room for presenters to join in before the event and prepare
  • Chat moderation (can be turned off), 

❌ What we dislike

  • Participants can join by phone or computer, but you cannot broadcast from your phone
  • One-click cloud recording available only on Chrome browser

? Pricing ?

All features are available at all plans, and the price depends on the number of attendees. A 30-day free Pro version trial is included

Webinar Lite
100 attendees

Webinar Pro
250 attendees

Webinar Enterprise
1000 attendees


As one of the top webinar software, BigMarker is an end-to-end solution for online events. Attending and hosting a webinar is all web and browser-based with no additional software required. Live events can be made highly engaging with chat, polls, sharable handouts, and Offers. Likewise, the webinar can be recorded and made available on-demand.

BigMarker is best used for live webinars with a large number of attendees, summits, and conferences. Also, BigMarker webinars can be great for courses and video-based series of training sessions and lectures.

⭐ What we like

  • Playing videos in webinars, upload and show presentations
  • No limits on the presenter number
  • Dial-in option for presenters (dial-in for attendees can be added)
  • Embed registration forms, live videos or on-demand webinars on your website
  • Fetching CTAs and offers during the webinar


❌ What we dislike

  • Connectivity issues have been reported by some users
  • No Evergreen webinars or webinar series available with the basic plan
  • Many native marketing integrations available only at White Label Plan level

? Pricing ?

Starter Plan


Includes 100 attendees and 1 host license.

Elite Plan
Includes 500 attendees and 2 host licenses.

Premier Plan
Includes 1000 attendees and 3 host licenses.
White Label Plan

For hosting massive events with up to 10,000 attendees


MyOwnConference is one of the favorite webinar solutions for marketers, e-learning specialists, coaches, and tutors. The focal advantage of this webinar platform is that it doesn’t require additional software download. You can host and attend online events from any browser on any device. Also, this is a reliable and affordable option that helps you reach viewers across the globe.

Best for small and midsize businesses, entrepreneurs, and large enterprises.

⭐ What we like

  • The platform is available in 16 different languages
  • Personalizable webinars to stay on-brand
  • Live event recording for future reference and business
  • Customized links for inviting attendees
  • Automated email invites and reminders
  • Quizzes and surveys during the webinar for collecting significant data


❌ What we dislike

  • User interface and live event layout are not very user friendly and convenient
  • Small number of integrations


? Pricing ?

Free plan

Lifelong use with up to 20 attendees, 3 cams in webinar and 500 Mb storage

Paid plan
€24 for up to 60 attendees, 5GB storage, and higher recording quality
The price rises quickly and depends on the number of attendees (up to 10000), and you’ll also get larger storage and better recording quality.


Presented as a “most versatile” all-in-one online events solution, WebinarNinja is yet another popular webinar platform. It’s great for coaches, teachers, and all kinds of creators who want to market and sell a product or teach.

This platform can be used for creating all kinds of online events – automated webinars, pre-recorded (evergreen) webinars, webinar series for courses and summits, and more! Built-in tools and features include email automation, high-converting landing pages, analytics, handouts, and more!

Top use – hybrid events where you play pre-recorded video and at the same time take part in the chat so that your attendees have a sense of a live event.

⭐ What we like

  • Embed high-converting sale offers into presentations
  • Seamless payment processing at registration for paid webinars
  • Group and private chat
  • Detailed analytics for improving webinars
  • Integration with CRM and email software

❌ What we dislike

  • Confusing backend navigation
  • Limited for webinars and presentations, not suitable for meetings
  • According to some reviewers – some technical glitches and customer support that’s not very helpful at such times

? Pricing ?

Pro plan – $79/mo 

300 live webinar attendees

no hybrid webinars

Plus plan – $129/mo
500 live webinar attendees

Power plan – $199 
1000 live webinar attendees

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect webinars can be used for delivering visually appealing and immersive virtual experiences. One of the top picks of marketing agencies and companies who want to showcase their products and services.

Educators can use Adobe webinars as virtual classrooms because they have a handy whiteboard feature, polls, notes, and chat. Experienced and advanced users will love this software for its versatile features allowing them to measure content effectiveness, identify relevant leads and increase ROI.

⭐ What we like

  • Presenters can join a backstage area
  • Tailored webinar layouts
  • Visually appealing online presentations
  • Salesforce, Eloqua, and other CRM software integrations
  • Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe analytics for conversion tracking
  • Virtual Classroom Manager for conducting virtual classes with up to 200 participants

❌ What we dislike

  • On the more expensive side
  • Technical issues with connectivity have been reported by some users

? Pricing ?

Adobe Connect Meetings

Starting at €46/mo

Adobe Connect Webinars
Starting at €120/mo with up to 100 participants
(webinars with 1000 at €534.00/mo)

Adobe Connect Learning

Starting at €340/mo for 200 participants


LiveWebinar is an advanced software for live streaming. To drive participation, this platform offers collaboration tools such as polls & surveys, moderated chat, and CTAs for converting leads into sales.

You can create completely customized experiences for your audience by adding or removing features. LiveWebinar is an ideal option for new employee interviews and onboarding, or effective team meetings for remote offices.

⭐ What we like

  • Broadcast meetings and webinars to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Periscope
  • Excellent whiteboard – draw on docs and videos (participants can do this as well)
  • Breakout Rooms – split meeting room into smaller rooms during the event
  • Full HD sessions recording stored on personal cloud
  • Browser-based

❌ What we dislike

Can be hard to setup and navigate if you’re not tech-savvy

This is a great, professional solution for e-learning, sales, IT teams cooperating on projects, HR & recruitment processes, healthcare, finance, and other fields.

? Pricing ?


for small teams (up to 5 attendees), up to 2h recordings, marketing automation


up to 100 attendees, sub-accounts, up to 6h recordings, YouTube & Vimeo player, email invitations limit at 200 in 24h, chat translation

up to 500 attendees, 8h recordings, participants tracking, email invitations limit at 1000 in 24h, ads – banner

Webinars are by and large the future of marketing, business, and teaching. So, if you are an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or a teacher, check out our list of top webinar platforms and host your first online event without delay.

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