6 Holiday Tips For Your eCommerce Stores You Shouldn’t Miss

A holiday season is a golden chance for any business, especially for eCommerce to boost its sales and attract more loyal customers. I believe you all have experienced many intensive holiday sales year round from Black Friday to Thanksgiving to Christmas and so on. Are your websites totally ready for the holiday rush? I can […]

How to Get Rid of the WordPress eCommerce Hassles

WordPress, for all its amazing features and capabilities, can sometimes be a pain to work with, especially for the folks who are novices to the workings of web world. The challenges get bigger and tougher with WordPress-powered eCommerce websites. The challenges, more often than not, have something to do with the security facets of website, […]

Multipurpose WordPress Themes are Bad for Your Shop and Users

An age old adage reads something like, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. Now, among all the content management systems available to humanity, WordPress is the frontrunner, others being distant second. Does that make WordPress uneasy? Damn right. Especially when it tries to grab more than it can chew. The bloating uneasiness is […]