At ThematoSoup, minimalism and WordPress best practices is what we value the most. Plugins we develop follow all the latest standards and conventions, so you get secure, stable and light-weight WordPress products.

  • Fancier Author Box


    A free, light author box plugin which automatically integrates with your posts, pages and custom post types. Fancier Author Box gives you the ability to connect with your readers easily on all major social platforms.

    If you’re looking for a way to make your every page a landing page for new contacts and leads, then you will find Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup invaluable.

  • Fanciest Author Box

    If you need more control over your author bio, then you’ll want to try the premium version of our author box plugin, called Fanciest Author Box.

    Its social media widgets, automatic Google Authorship verification, along with various options for manually displaying it in your content or sidebars and awesome support make it the only author box plugin you’ll ever need.

  • Sticky Header

    Sticky Header WordPress plugin makes your header visible at all times. It’s a great feature that allows people to browse faster and consume more of your content. Your branding (logo) and navigation are the most important aspects of your website, so make them always visible.

    Your branding, logo is something you want visitors to subconsciously keep in mind while browsing your website and navigation is one of the most important aspects of every website. Make them visible at all times.

  • Widget Pack

    WordPress comes with several preinstalled widgets. Widget Pack plugin extends that functionality with some of the most needed features. It consists of several widget modules that will enable you to do the things you wish were WordPress standard features.

    We encourage all end-users, as well as developers, to extend any additional functionality of WordPress themes by using Widget Pack. This ensures painless and safe switching themes without loosing any widget content or its function.