WordPress Mix is not always a good idea

The New, End-User Focused ThematoSoup

Mixing things is good, but not always. Here, on ThematoSoup blog, you had an opportunity to read about new WordPress themes, plugins and WordPress marketing, but also how to add additional contact fields to WordPress registration forms, twitter API and other technical stuff only developers can understand. So you see why this may not be […]

WordPress Author Bio Profile

Free Author Box Plugins for WordPress – Roundup

Everything in life you come across has its origin. The same goes for online stuff. You want to put a signature on everything you create and if you stumble upon something really interesting you want to see who made it. WordPress Author Plugins are a good way of stamping a label and giving credit to […]

Fanciest Author Box, Our First Premium WordPress Plugin is Finally Out!

Seemed so distant to me, but it’s finally happened. Fanciest Author Box, The Only Author Box Plugin You’ll Ever Need, has been officially out for two weeks on CodeCanyon. It took us little over a month to figure out all the details, think through all the different situations blog owners and authors might encounter and […]

ThemeForest – Intro to a WordPress Marketplace

Selling premium WordPress themes can be done in a variety of ways and there are many online markets which can help you do just that. You might consider submitting your theme to WordPress.org theme repository if you’re looking for initial exposure, backlinks and brand recognition, or you can use your own website for WordPress theme […]

Premium WordPress Themes now on WordPress.com

February, 3. Was a special and somewhat unusual day for all WordPress.com users, for they could read the following on the news page: “Stand out from the Crowd with a Premium Theme” Apparently, Automattic network and one of its brands – WordPress decided to offer premium WordPress themes to a community that got used to the […]