Miriam Schwab, Illuminea’s Friendly CEO Interview

Miriam Schwab (@miriamschwab) is Friendly CEO of web marketing and development studio Illuminea, the person behind WordPress tips blog WP Garage, three-time WordCamp Jerusalem organizer and a speaker at upcoming WordCamp Europe. With so many things on her plate all we can say is we’re honored to have her here, offering pearls of WordPress wisdom […]

Floating Social Bar – Finally a Perfect Sharing Plugin

Until several weeks ago, finding a simple social sharing WordPress plugin was impossible. Most of them had all those social widgets majority of visitors would never use. You know, if I want to share something on Yahoo! Buzz, I’ll share it on Yahoo! Buzz and I won’t be stopped by the fact that your site doesn’t have a button for it. Or maybe I will be, because Yahoo! Buzz was killed in 2011, yet one of the most popular social sharing plugins still has a button for it.