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33 Free Social Icons

Free Social Icons by ThematoSoup Featured Image

We were looking for free social icons we could use for our Widget Pack plugin. I thought we would have to create our own when I stumbled upon these guys from Montreal, called Veodesign.

I wanted icons that had no gradients, 3D effects or weird shadows, in short metro-style icons. Veodesign icons offered a great starting point. We just needed to make them suitable for easy implementation in WordPress themes and plugins, by creating several color/shape variations.

ThematoSoup Free Icon Pack Preview

Included in the pack:
AddThis, Behance, Blogger, DeviantART, Digg, Dribbble, Email, Facebook, Flickr, Forrst, Google+, Instagram,, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, MySpace, Orkut, PayPal, Picasa, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS, ShareThis, Skype, SoundCloud, Spotify, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, Old Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, YouTube.

Download ThematoSoup Free Social Icons Pack

Tell us how they turned out in your projects, we’d love to see them in action.

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Goran Djuran
I'm the Web Designer here at ThematoSoup, focused on creating clean, modern and usable website solutions.
Goran Djuran


I'm a UI/UX and Visual Designer focused on creating clean, modern and usable website solutions.
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12 comments 33 Free Social Icons

  1. Nice variation guys :) We’ve produced square versions of some our icons too but we never got around to publish them. Thanks for re-sharing them!

    1. Tina,

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks so much for creating the icon pack in the first place. You saved us, and anyone in need of social icons, a lot of time.

      Looking forward to the square ones :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      I’m not sure if I understood your question right, but If by “round ones” you meant circle icons they are already included in the icon pack.

    1. Thanks man!
      Well there’s already a black and white icon set in the pack, both circle and square and in 32x32px and 48x48px sizes.

  2. Hey these are great thanks a lot. I’ve been looking for icons to try out. I’m currently designing my main website now, and it’s a big headache. So these will help alot in some of my projects.

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