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Signs Telling Your Website is Missing out on Some Great WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins increase functionality

Sometimes you don’t need to dive deep into various analytics to see how’s your website doing. Some changes in user behavior, content consumption and website traffic will make themselves seen.

If your posts lack engagement and your website’s traffic leaves much to desire, then your website is missing out on some great plugins.

I’ll share with you some typical problems that your website may face at any point. I’d also suggest a bundle of WordPress plugins that will help you tackle them with ease. Results will not keep you waiting for long.

Hard time finding an address or location – Google Maps WD

If your customers have a hard time finding your store location, the chances are your website lacks a detailed address to take them to you.

Any WordPress Google Maps plugin will solve the issue in a matter of minutes. It will help you to add functional and customizable Google Maps on your website with some outstanding features. Among them are store locator, directions, overlays, markers, marker icon builder, live preview option, etc. It supports roadmap, satellite, terrain and hybrid map styles and different map skins. With the live preview option, you can easily customize the maps before publishing.

The number of the maps you can add to your website is unlimited. You also get an unlimited number of markers and other available overlays. Visitors can identify their location on the map and get directions to a particular point. There are walking, driving, bicycling and transit modes available for directions.

Little exposure – AddToAny

Your posts are not getting the desired attention and exposure? Well, that means you’re in a weak relationship with social media. The impact that social media presence can have on your website is pretty obvious. Increased reach, more engagement, more exposure and visibility are just a few to mention. All you have to do to get those benefits, is to get AddToAny social sharing plugin.

It’s one of the most downloaded social sharing plugins with some cool features. It comes with a universal sharing button, counters, floating sharing bars, vector share and follow buttons, etc. The sharing buttons are mobile optimized, retina ready and customizable. They can be placed in different locations using shortcode or a widget. The plugin comes with analytical integration and lets you track how your posts are shared on different platforms.

Low traffic- Yoast SEO

It happens that you post quality content on a regular basis and engage in different content promoting techniques, but your website isn’t getting the traffic you’d like it to have. The most powerful weapon to get natural traffic is definitely SEO. Meaningful search engine optimization techniques will help you get visitors to your doors.

Yoast SEO plugin is your ultimate choice to make when it comes to search engine optimization and content marketing. It points out weak spots of your website and helps you get better ranking and visibility.

It helps you improve the content on your website by making sure you provide a keyword-rich content. It also reminds you to insert image alt tags and checks whether your post titles are long enough. Its live preview option lets you see how your content will be displayed in the search results. Yoast SEO is an ultimate tool to help your content drive a flow of traffic to your website.

Reaching you out – Form Maker

Sometimes visitors leave a website just because they can’t find a way to contact the team behind it. To enable your visitors to contact you at any time, you’ll need to try out WordPress form builder.

It’s a feature-packed tool, that helps you to get in touch with your visitors. The forms are fully customizable and easy to generate.

You can add simple or multi-part contact, survey, questionnaire, application and other types of forms to your website. There are lots of form fields available to help you get any kind of information from your visitors. The plugin’s submission section is super easy to manage.

The plugin comes with several pre-made forms, that you can further customize and use for your personal needs. There are also 37 customizable themes available in the plugin. If you know CSS you can add some extra styling options to the forms as well. The forms are responsive and come with three types of Captcha protection to ensure spam free submissions.

If you need basic contact form functionality, you can also try JetPack’s form module.

No post engagement – Disqus

Last but not least, some websites struggle with no or minimal post engagement. Even various call to action techniques doesn’t seem to help. The one and only solution that can help you tackle with the problem is Disqus comments system. It works out of the box to make commenting on your website easier and to increase the engagement of your posts.

Actually, it connects a huge community of readers from different websites and helps them to engage in conversations. Your visitors can subscribe to the comments and threads they like and even vote up or down to any of them. The best part about the plugin is that your visitors will have to log in only once and start commenting on all the websites using the Disqus system. Another great news – the comments section is indexable by search engines.

Each plugin at the WordPress directory comes with a special mission to accomplish. All of them target different functionalities and audience and are sure to equip your website with some useful features. If you encounter any of these problems on your website, these WordPress plugins are sure to provide a solution and make things way better.

They have been personally tested and proved to help a lot. Don’t hesitate to suggest any other plugins you think are also worth checking out. I would like to hear from you.

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