Help! My Portfolio Has Disappeared!

Want to hear the short version first? Here it is (again): don’t let your WordPress theme handle portfolio, or any other functionality. Imagine that sentence is bold, underlined and blinking at the same time, so it’s easier to memorize. Now read on to see how you can recover your lost content before Google bots hit […]

A Quick Look at Theme Review Guidelines

For those of you not aware of theme review process, I recommend that you read Theme Review article at WordPress Codex. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme, there’s hardly a better place to tell you what you should expect from it. In case Codex article is too technical, and for non-developers some parts certainly are, you might want to read our post on what users should and shouldn’t expect from a WordPress theme first.

WordPress websites not getting penalized by Google

How to Avoid Google Penalties for Your WordPress Website

With the latest algorithm updates (penguin & panda), Google has taken serious steps against spam and toward creating more usable internet. Although WordPress is not among the SEO friendliest platforms right out of the box, it won’t get you anywhere near the red area of being penalized, unless a human factor gets involved.