How to choose a premium WordPress theme

How to Choose a Premium WordPress Theme

Labeling a product as premium means that it is:

  1. of an unusual or high value
  2. has premium quality

Developers and designers put a lot of time in creating themes and you do get a product that has a good bangforthebuckness, but when it comes to the second presumption – premium WordPress theme equals premium quality product, then things don’t look so bangin’.

Personal, free, custom and premium WordPress themes

During his keynote at Word Camp San Francisco last year, Matt Mullenweg, the man behind the platform we all love shared a fact that probably shocked even the most enthusiastic members of WordPress community — one in twelve websites across the globe is powered by WordPress. There’s no way to tell what the exact number […]

Premium WordPress Themes now on

February, 3. Was a special and somewhat unusual day for all users, for they could read the following on the news page: “Stand out from the Crowd with a Premium Theme” Apparently, Automattic network and one of its brands – WordPress decided to offer premium WordPress themes to a community that got used to the […]