How to Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly

Making your WordPress SEO friendly means it’s optimized for search engines. But, search engines don’t really care for what you have to say and they certainly can’t purchase anything. All websites should have these goals:

  1. Having targeted audience
  2. Retaining people long enough, so they read what you have to say
  3. Evoking desired reaction in people after they read your content

And here’s why SEO means much more than what the acronym stands for.

Miriam Schwab, Illuminea’s Friendly CEO Interview

Miriam Schwab (@miriamschwab) is Friendly CEO of web marketing and development studio Illuminea, the person behind WordPress tips blog WP Garage, three-time WordCamp Jerusalem organizer and a speaker at upcoming WordCamp Europe. With so many things on her plate all we can say is we’re honored to have her here, offering pearls of WordPress wisdom […]