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Pho – Minimalist, Masonry WordPress Theme

This time we’re putting masonry on the home page. Pho WordPress theme is a minimalist blogging theme with beautiful typography, lots of white space and the love for big featured images.

You can take a look at the Pho demo here. You can also download it for free at and try it on your website.

Free Masonry WordPress theme

Clean code and WordPress best practices make it lean, fast and secure. It’s retina ready and responsive so it will look great on any screen size using any resolution.


Pho theme options can be set in Theme Customizer screen Appearance > Customize. This way you can preview all the changes you make before saving them.

Pho Theme by ThematoSoup, minimalist masonry WordPress template

Templates & Layouts

Pho lets you choose between 2 Layout Types:

  • Full Width (if you don’t use sidebar)
  • Right Sidebar (primary widget area)

and 2 Page Templates:

  • Masonry (with or without sidebar)
  • Standard (with or without sidebar)


typography-phoPho features some of the most elegant Google fonts you can find:

  • Helvetica
  • Cabin
  • Open Sans
  • Droid Sans
  • Droid Serif
  • Raleway

The typography settings are also located in Theme Customizer and you can choose your headings and body fonts independently.

Widget Areas

Pho theme uses two widget areas:

  • Sidebar
  • Footer


If you don’t add any widgets to Primary widget area, then full-width layout will be enabled.

Theme Hook Alliance

Pho theme uses standardized Theme Alliance Hooks, which make it very flexible. The hooks allow you to customize Pho or easily alter its functionality.

If you’re a user who doesn’t want to dig her or his way through code and still be able to create child themes, you can. A plugin called THA Hooks Interface allows you to customize Pho from within dashboard by hooking into Theme Hook Alliance hooks.

THA Hooks Interface WordPress Plugin

Pho WordPress theme is an excelent choice for anyone who’s looking for fast and secure blogging solution with Masonry layout. For those who don’t like this Pinterest-like template, there’s also a Standard layout where articles are stacked on top of each other.

Try Pho and tell us what you think of it or showcase your website in the comments below.

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20 comments Pho – Minimalist, Masonry WordPress Theme

  1. I really like the Pho theme and love the way that masonry looks on my front page with the images, but is there a way to remove the featured image from the actual post? It becomes redundant there.

  2. How to add same slider on the home page. I am not able to find any way to add the slider that displays in the theme.

  3. I already added featured content to my website. I configured my front page to display latest posts. I am not able to understand how to create blogroll page.

  4. I really like your theme Pho. I have one question, when using the Masonry layout for blog posts what is the optimum size for featured images?

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