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We’re Switching to Self-hosted Customer Support

WordPres Support

It’s not easy giving timely support through various channels and monitoring them all. Some prefer the discreetness of emails, others just want quick support access right where they bought the WordPress product.

We know it’s beyond possible to please everyone, but we believe self-hosted customer support will be the best solution for you and us.

Our support forums are searchable, so you may find the solution to your issue faster than it is the case using Envato comments or forums.

It’s easier for us to monitor just one channel and you’ll get a faster support response time.

While we were setting up our Support forums, we also decided if was best if we had our Documentation centralized. You can and should always try to find answers by searching Documentation first and that’s easily searchable, too.

We’re still working on the FAQ section, which will nicely round up our Support overhaul.

What do you expect of a premium WordPress support? Tell us what you think about ours, so we can improve for your satisfaction.

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Dragan Nikolic
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Dragan Nikolic

2 comments We’re Switching to Self-hosted Customer Support

  1. Awesome news! It’s maddening that you can’t search the support on Envato, and you must be getting the same questions over and over because of that. Still love the fanciest author box!

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