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WordPress Hacks that Save You Time – ManageWP

Time Saving WordPress Hacks

A couple of weeks ago a fellow WordPress fan and a friend, Tom Ewer, asked me for some time-saving tips. He wanted to compile a list of the most useful ones used by WordPress experts.

Knowing I’m not one (WordPress expert), I asked our developer Slobodan to share his time savers. Along with other 13 people, we were featured in Tom’s 28 Time Saving Hacks for WordPress Users (From the Experts).

WordPress Time SaversIf you’re a developer trying to automate some of the boring parts of your work or someone who spends a lot of time creating and editing content or you’re a WordPress administrator, then I recommend you read 28 Time Saving WordPress Tips.

Time saving hacks enable you to:

  • Become more productive
  • Love your job
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Become featured in an article?

The post will also give you an insight into who the WordPress influencers are, so you can start following and discussing WordPress with them, maybe ask them for advice or give a suggestion on how to make WordPress even greater.

Humble as he is, Tom didn’t want to make an appearance in the article, so I ask him now – What are your time saving WordPress tips?

The same question goes to you, reader. You can share your own in the comments section of the 28 Time Saving Hacks for WordPress Users (From the Experts).

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Dragan Nikolic
I am a co-founder and editor at ThematoSoup, sharing marketing best practices, tips on how to simplify your online business and make it more manageable.
Dragan Nikolic
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Dragan Nikolic

2 comments WordPress Hacks that Save You Time – ManageWP

  1. Hey Dragan,

    I would have to go with two things:

    1. The Distraction Free Editor — *far* better than the normal post screen for writing in WordPress.
    2. The Comments Moderation screen for handling comments — far easier than using emails or manual moderation.



    1. Thanks Tom,

      Distraction Free Editor is something I have to start using, as I’m never focused on one thing while writing posts. Not familiar with Comments Moderation screen, though, but I’ll certainly give it a try.

      Thanks so much for sharing those hacks with us.


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